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Get Solar Products is a distributor for The Solar Cloth Company, out of the UK, who manufactures a solar cloth carport for the use of shade while also providing electric vehicle charging stations, WIFI, video surveillance, LED lighting etc. using tensioned, flexible solar panels. This innovation, from design and engineering to manufacturing and installation, is an easy, clean, solar energy provider that is appealing to the eye. Art, shade, and energy rolled into one. Welcome to the 21st century, making your parking lot into a profitable, power generating system and you into the envy of the Green World!

PowerParking: The Future of Parking

Welcome to the future of commercial parking lots, where your customers' car-parking area could become a highly lucrative income stream on its own. That is, an income stream that is produced by a super, high quality product that not only protects your car from the elements, but creates energy for you to use or sell back to your local utility company.

Imagine a future where the ever-increasingly popular electric cars are filling parking lots and the streets. In this future consumers will desire the ability to charge their cars while away from their residences. This is where "PowerParking" comes into play. PowerParking not only acts as a viable, shaded parking area that protects a consumer's car from the elements, but also as an area for recharging the consumer's car using clean, efficient energy. These kinds of stations will help preserve the battery life and the lifetime value of the consumer's car, as well as provide an opportunity for businesses to make a steady flow of income in the process.

Fortunately, you don't have to wait for this future to come, because PowerParking is here today. Cars are not going away anytime soon, and "green" cars are growing in numbers daily. PowerParking will enable you to be proactive in this progressive environment and be prepared to provide all of the services the consumer needs.

Benefits of Having PowerParking:
  • Car parking areas as a revenue generating source
  • "Charging" facilities for electric cars
  • Protection from the elements
  • Stylish, flexible, elegant design
  • Enhances your "green" credentials
  • One step closer to "off the grid" solutions
Applications of the PowerParking technology:
  • Will work with pre-existing and new parking facilities
  • Commercial and Urban parking
  • Stadiums and Amusement parks
  • Ferry and airport car parking areas
  • In fact, any parking facility or covered walkway system
Do You Really Want to Make a Difference?

While the electric car movement has made a considerable impact, and is expected to continue expanding its impact, on the distribution and requirement tables of resources globally, we have not solved the issue entirely. We still rely heavily on carbon fueled power plants to reach the energy requirements of our businesses. PowerParking is the solution to this problem.

PowerParking, when not charging a vehicle, can reroute energy to your office and supply you with carbon emissions free energy, lowering your reliance on the grid. PowerParking is designed to help you help the world.
According to the US Government,
Solar Does Have Its Perks

Under U.S. Code Title 26, section 48, the federal government has created a corporate tax credit to businesses that invest in renewable power. This incentive is set at 30% regardless of how much you spend on the system. For more detailed information, go to:

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