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PowerParking is a technology that incorporates a flexible fabric with a solar collecting film. This fabric, which comes in six different colors (Royal Blue, Light Blue, Green, Dark Green, White, and Sand), or other customizable colors at an additional cost, is stretched across a steel frame to fit any environment. PowerParking comes in two different styles:
The Gazelle and The Firefly.

Features of PowerParking:

  • Metal - Galvanized metal parts (steel) and marine bolts. Wind resistant frames to over 90 mph. Seismic resistance up to level 5 on the Richter scale. Quick release/ fixing system to secure canvas to the frame.
  • Fabric Canopy - Wind resistant to over 90 mph. Snow capacity of up to a foot. Can withstand half-inch hail.
  • Solar Cells - Cells are waterproof. Output average of 125 watts per panel (4 panels per carport).


The Gazelle is a single-sided, standing carport that is designed for parking spaces on the edges of the lot. Only one car fits under a single Gazelle. This product comes in sets of 2, 3, 5, and 10 carports.


The Firefly is a double-sided, standing carport that is designed for parking spaces on the interior of the lot. Two cars fit beneath a single Firefly. This product also comes in sets of 2, 3, 5, and 10 with twice the number of carports.

Extra Features at Additional Prices
  • Customized, higher clearance for freight trucks and other tall vehicles.
  • Painted frames (Paintwork is guaranteed for 5 years against peeling and color fade.)
  • Rainwater tanks and rainwater harvesting system
  • Rainwater guttering and release spouts
  • Car charger units (minimum of two per car port unit)
  • Power plug
  • Water outlet
  • LED lighting mounting points
  • AV and security CCTV mounting
  • Wi-Fi box mounting points
  • Smart/Remote metering devices
  • Battery Bank (designed to help store energy for later use)
  • Insurance backed guarantees available
  • Completely customizable frames and features available in custom design packages and materials


All galvanized metal parts come with a 20 year anti-corrosion guarantee. The fabric has a 90mph wind resistance guarantee for 5 years as well as a cloth color fade and solar cell bonding guarantee of 5 years. The solar cells themselves are waterproof and guaranteed for 20 year operation.

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