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Get Solar Products is determined to create a long term partnership, with alternative energy products that are flexible enough to fit into most environments for a reasonable cost of ownership.

We provide personalized service to our customers in order to develop a customized PowerParking system that will meet your shade, style, revenue, and power requirements. We will walk you through the process of building the right size and features for the space you have. We set expectations for pre-installation customization consulting, installation of frame structures and installation to the power grid with you, and promise to use quality solar products that will not be compromised by price.

Companies that want to go "Green" are looking for solutions that can provide their employees and customers with shade or power stations for electric cars, WIFI, LED lighting and messaging. Not to mention the major initiative of the United States Government to find alternative ways to create power and reduce the cost of maintaining the massive, main power grids. Here at Get Solar Products, we have those solutions at affordable prices.

Why haven't we all gone Solar?

Solar Power is one of the best sources of energy due to the nature of its origin, the Sun. But the problem with solar products has always been the size required for the panels, shadowing effects (the angle required for maximum efficiency), positioning for full sunlight and the maintenance. This is true with panels, shingles and water heaters. Many consumers were also constricted by the lack of variety and the low aesthetic nature of solar products which likely restricted them further due to organizations like HOAs and/or possibly with their Building Owners. PowerParking has changed all of this.
  1. It is capable of looking like artwork with 6 different colors to choose from
  2. Flexible in size
  3. 10 times lighter than a conventional rigid solution and 3 times lighter than other textile solutions
  4. Durable enough to last over 20 years
  5. Provides efficient power collection (only 15% light needed with only a 10% loss from direct sunlight)
  6. Maximizes already existing infrastructure (No more tree removal)
Giving PowerParking a leading edge in solar energy products.

Steve Phelan- Founder/ CEO

Steve started Get Solar Products in 2008, foreseeing the growth of the solar industry to where it is today. Steve has been involved in a myriad of technology companies and has a broad knowledge in Disk Storage / Intelligent Management software, Network Design / implementation, Applications / Network application solutions for the Information Technology world. Having been in I.T., Network Consulting and Sales / Marketing roles have helped guide his experiences. While having the technology background is a major plus, the benefits of having been an executive for multiple large Corporations (DEC, WANG, Fujitsu and 3Com) has given Steve the ability to work in any environment within any culture. 

After 10 years experience within larger companies, Steve built several Start-Ups from just a couple of employees to over 500 (Network Associates and Fortinet). His most noteworthy accomplishments were at Network Associates (Sniffer division) where he grew revenues 30%. Later he became a founding employee of Fortinet, and he and his team built the sales revenue from the ground up.

Having come from the disruptive technologies world, Steve wanted to dive into the solar industry with new, innovative products that were flexible and reliable enough for the commercial industries he had worked with in the past. When Steve came across a new type of solar technology, a flexible canvas, durable enough to last over 20 years that provides a rich amount of consistent power, he partnered with The Solar Cloth Company (UK) in order to bring the technology to the United States. He knows that this technology will change the future of green technologies.

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